Tom Meeloo: "Innocent"






 Tom Meeloo  - Egge - Nils Raschack    -   Lenny Dröse    -             Henry Hübchen



Tom Meeloo - H. J. Berchtold - Eghard Schumann - Nils - Lenny - H. Hübchen - Thomas Beuthner







Thomas Beuthner - Tom Meeloo - Hans Jörg Berchtold - Egge Schumann - Nils Raschack - Lenny Dröse - Henry Hübchen



                                                 Henry Hübchen and Tom Meelooo are talking about the making of "Innocent"

                                                 and the energy of Tom Meeloo...


                               Henry Hübchen - Lenny Quirin Dröse



                                                                                            A photo shot soon...     Attention, please !           



                  And ... action !      Henry Hübchen     &     Hans Jörg Berchtold                                                                          


                                                                             What a night ?!                                Cheers !






Tom Meeloo: "Innocent" - thE trAIlEr Nr. 5











Tom Meeloo: "Innocent"







Es werden die folgenden Musikvideos von Tom Meeloo (ALIGN) aufgeführt:


1  Draw The Line

2 Too Late

3 Crashing Satellites

4 No Heart Of Stone

5 Innocent


Tom Meeloo führt durch das etwa

eineinhalbstündige Programm.

Highlight des Abends ist die Premiere des Musikvideos


in Anwesenheit der Darsteller/ Schauspieler

und des Filmteams des Musikvideos "Innocent"


Tom Meeloo










Tom Meeloo: "No Heart Of Stone"










 Tom Meeloo: "No Heart Of Stone" - THe TRaiLeR








März 2021




 Behrend, Ramona: "Filmdreh - Tom Meeloo drehte Musikvideos auf Werkgelände"

In: Mitarbeiterzeitung

l Unternehmen l Gemeinschaft l Magazin

ArcelorMittal Germany - Eisenhüttenstadt

März 2021, Jahrgang 5, Ausgabe 1,

Seite 6











 It seems to have become quiet.

 In fact we have worked hard and for a long time on:


 two new



And they are in the pipe now:



Tom Meeloo: "No Heart Of Stone"








Tom Meeloo: "Innocent"











Berlin - WeWork Sony Center, Kemperplatz 1

PTA IN LOVE - Summer Tour 2019





Charity Roadshow with Bahar Kizil










Vier Abende mit Leander Haußmann - eine Retropesktive -



Sa, 06.07.2019 Leander feiert Geburtstag: "Sonnenallee"

Leander Haußmann, Sven Regener, Henry Hübchen, Detlev Buck



 Tom Meeloo,       Henry Hübchen,        Sven Regener,         Iris Haußmann,               Detlev Buck


 Leander Haußmann                       Michael Maertens                                    




Fr, 05.07.2019 Leander über Familie: "Robert Zimmermann wundert sich über die Liebe"


 Tom Schilling                               Leander Haußmann



So, 16.06.2019 Leander über den Osten: "NVA"

                                           Detlev Buck               Leander Haußmann




So, 09.06.2019 Leander über das Leben: "Herr Lehmann"


Christian Ulmen                                          Leander Haußmann










We are still working on the new musicvideo Tom Meeloo (ALIGN): "Innocent".

Got some issues with a shooting place.





The B-Side-Song Tom Meeloo (ALIGN): "You Have Left Traces" is done soon:








Dangerous Workshop @TrueBusyness

- learned from Stefan Heger, Eddie Tapp, Luca Pretolesi & Busy


                                                  Eddie Tapp                    Luca Pretolesi


By the way: Sascha-Busy came in and later and we talked about our communication. The (off) topic was his master of Tom Meeloo (ALIGN): "Innocent" - More than proud of his kind words about my mix and this.



                                                                                    Photo by Sascha-Busy Bühren:

                                                                                     Anni   Eddie   Tom Meeloo  Luca Pretolesi



























Analogue-x: "My Kingdom (Tom-Meeloo-ƎЯmi-X)



Analogue-x has released a remix album including the Tom-Meeloo-ƎЯmi-X.


"'My Kingdom' features the original track, ten excellent remixes and a piano version by various artists as well as an instrumental version.

Remix package: Erwin Pempelfort, Depechen, Tom Meeloo, Thomas Dark Project, Alexis Voice, RMP Records, Renegade, Monotronic and Stefan Käshammer.

Bandcamp: http://tinyurl.com/y8ybyl98
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/y84shsmg
iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/y8rr9zjf
Google Play: http://tinyurl.com/ya3qn3o2
Spotify: http://tinyurl.com/yaj8suaz









  Shooting days for Crashing Staellites








They impressed me with their acting skills today.













 Shooting days for Crashing Staellites again:



Egge Schumann..., so cool:




Camera director Thomas Beuthner@work...







Dangerous !!!


A train for us ... only. Expensive but worthwile.



Milena Hupka...




Marcel Mager...



Kiki Schu...




Camera director Thomas Beuthner and Tom Meeloo (film director)










Shooting days for Crashing Staellites:













Tom Meeloo


as live support of













+ + + 20.01.2018 + + +



Tom Meeloo (ALIGN): Innocent - Mastered by True Busyness


Einer meiner größten Träume hat sich heute erfüllt: Das MASTER von Sascha 'Busy' Buehren ist da.






Das möchte ich noch mal erleben. Viele Male.



Wenn ich davon anfange, wie erstklassig - Referenzklasse !!! -  Busys Arbeit geworden ist und wie zuvorkommend und warmherzig, wie großzügig und gekonnt die Betreuung vom ersten Wortwechsel bis zur "Auslieferung" erfolgte, würde ich überquellen. Eigentlich wollte ich das vermeiden,

aber habe ich nicht längst damit angefangen ?




06.01.2018 - Live Gig



Fourth birthday

of the


Forced To Mode Black Heath-fanclub:


As support of




Tom Meeloo










18.11.2017 Workshop with






and with


Michael Ilbert






Workshop with Mastermaster

Sascha-Busy Bühren







has reached the charts of www.recording.de
number   13

















TM Film - classical music


The film team of the both ALIGN music videos got a new order for a project with young classic musicians. They wanted me as a video director.











New Song (working in progress):





05. August 2016

A new plug in:




15. Mai 2016

Gareth Jones: A lot of good vibrations !!



13. Mai 2016

Interview with Gareth Jones



Interview with Marcus Meyn


Interview with Deb Danahay Mann


29. April 2016

So much learned again !! Massiv ! Thank you Sascha "Busy" Bühren !


15. Januar 2016
Too sad !!!

                                                                         You have found the right words, Thilo !




                                            Every one of that interviews was so authentic and high on emotion.
                                            They made me feel the strings to that point in the UNIVERSE.

Eduard Meyer played his Cello to the instrumental "Art Decade" he recorded for David Bowies "Low"
album. Thank you, Eduard, for your permission to build up my mic on stage for our film !


Thank you Thilo Schmied, thank you Edu and thanks a lot to all the wonderful interview partners.


08. Januar 2016
How do you think about having a camera on this evening ?
Our film team as guests on the record release and birthday party at Hansa Studios in Berlin:

Camera Director Thomas Beuthner      Tom Lange          Thilo Schmied              Eduard Meyer

                                                                Tom Lange                                   Tom Meeloo

            Eduard Meyer                        Thilo Schmied                                   Peter Burgon

Meistersaal: "The big hall by the wall." (David Bowie)

Tom Lange and his interview with "Edu".


                                                          Eduard Meyer                       Tom Meeloo

The ALIGN's actor Tom Lange with the two models who will lead him downstairs in our next video.

Winter 2015
Shooting day 5 last year...
ALIGN: Draw The Line

Autumn 2015
The singer and his actor...
SHOOTING DAYS with a wonderful team...



I am working on the new ALIGN song endlessly and I hope for Stevie`s vocals again...
The mixing process is a mixture of learning and receiving ideas out of the blue from the universe again.

This one is an example:





We are 6 on       www.recording.de


Startpoint for ALIGN: 23'':54'


Thank you so much geebee for your beautiful moderation of ALIGN !!!

Yes !! We are the number 27 !!!

Align: "Draw The Line"

Align are Stephen Newton (vocals) and Tom Meeloo (songwriter, producer)



Recorded (Stephen) at ML Production Recording Studio by Mark Littlemore, England, Gateshead;

recorded (Tom & the song), arranged and mixed at

TM Studio by Tom Meeloo, Germany, Berlin; 09/10 2014 - All rights reserved.


Thank you Sascha Busy Bühren for this fantastic Mastering Workshop again tonight (with Laura Zauberdame, Tobias Lampe, Tom Meeloo) !!

My ERASURE: A Little Respect (Tom Meeloo - rE-specT-mi:X) for the Erasure Spain Fans is out now.


Sergio Martín
16. Mai um 20:05
Nuevo remix de "A Little Respect" incluído en el álbum
Compuesto por nuestro amigo Tom Meeloo
New "A Little Respect" remix included in the album
Composed by our friend Tom Meeloo


06.05.2014 Workshop at DA-X in Berlin
                                                             Bassel Hallak

guitar player, composer, producer
(worked for Tom Jones, Barry Manilow, Vanessa Amorosi, ATC, Shaggy, The Weathergirls, Sophie B. Hawkins, Vanilla Ninja, Sandy [No Angels], Grace Knight, Tameaka, Anna Rossinelli a.m.o. Abbey Road Studios, Studios 301 Sydney, a lot of comercial advertises)
                                                             Hans Martin Buff

Recording und mixing engineer;
(formaly assistant for Prince at Paisley Park Studio; worked for No Doubt, Chaka Khan und Larry Graham, Mousse T, Yvonne Catterfeld, Zucchero, Eric Burdon, Roachford, Maxi Priest and the Scorpions): "in the box" mixes
Thank you guys !! Thank you www.da-x.de !!

The TM Studio gets equipped of higher quality. An engineer measures the acoustics soon. And I am waiting for the APS Sub 10 to compare it with the Focal CMS Sub at
By the way: I am working on a remix of a group I love very much ;-) and on new songs of course. Wished I would get all the time I need.
Tom Meeloo


Thank you for the things you said, Vince !!!

                   Andi Dufte             Tom Meeloo    Vince Clarke              Chris Nätscher

                          Tom Meeloo                       Anni Meeloo                       Sebastian Oertel                   

                                                        Anne Haffmans          Daniel Miller              Dennis Burmeister
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, DENNIS !!!!! What it was: your poster, your show, your honor ...       
UA Heritage Tour @ nhow Studios Berlin
Thank you very much for a wonderful evening !!
Busy !

A genius as usual... He said at the door: Tom !

Michael Ilbert - How you can produce amazing drums.









Thank you so much for your amazing COVERart, Ivan Ariel Aramendia !!!
GHOST CAPSULES in Berlin at Loft

                        Tim Simenon                        Tom Meeloo             Anni Meeloo        Jürgen Mayer
Daryl Bamonte & Tim Simenon: Many thanks for the drinks and this exciting evening ! What a night !!!

Tom Meeloo:            With which digital audio workstation do you work?
Tim Simenon: I use Logic. For gigs I prefer Ableton because it can be simply handled.
Tom Meeloo: It seems most work with Logic. Is this a reason to be worried that I employ Cubase?
Tim Simenon: The best conditions you will find with the audio station with what you have grown up, with what you feel comfortable. At the end it does not matter what a daw you use. Important is your creativity and what you build on it.
Tom Meeloo: Do you prefer running UAD2-Plug-Ins?
Tim Simenon: Beside a lot of hardware machines plug-ins are also used. I obtain results with it which are not possible with the machines.
Tom Meeloo: During the gig you have co-sung for yourself.
Tim Simenon: Yeah, lyrics are really important to me, the lines can catch me. The lyrics comes from Laura. I have built up the arrangement only. ;-)
Tom Meeloo: You have danced to it and laughed from a full heart. A last question from the point of a producer: Is there any cue that shows you, yes, the mix is finished ?
Tim Simenon:  If I dance to it. Then it is finished.

Thank you, Daryl Bamonte, for the talk, the funny foto shooting and the beer !!
... Shakespeare, you know ...      ;-)

                                          Tom, let us advertise GHOST CAPSULES.      Daryl Bamonte


Whether it is on the picture ?

That's it !



                                    Laura of GHOST CAPSULES even joined the crowd for a dance at the end

Tim Simenon with so much positive energy from the bottom of his heart.


 Tom Meeloo:                  It was an amazing show with lots of positiv energy. A very special moment in the end, you came down to the crowd to dance with us. How did it come?
 Laura:  I have recognized well-known fans and friends and I wanted to be close to them.



                                                                   GHOST CAPSULES


Laura, thank you so much for your warm words you have written on the CD-Cover !
My favorites are "Time And Matter" and "I Am Dead" now. "Game Of Thrones", "Magnetic Fields" and "Morgan Le Fay" belong to the pearls of this album for me, too.
Ghost Capsules Live @ Bi Nuu/Berlin night with a pretty good support act:

Princess Chelsea

Front of stage ...
 The Cigarette Duet" and "Goodnight Little Robot Child" were my favorites tonight.

Thanks to Princess Chelsea !

Screaning of MONUMENT in the Babylon Theater in Berlin:

The first leafing through of MONUMENT gives me the feeling as if every ribbon member reveals his shoe carton with memories, only it smells like a new book.

Their show was as magnificent as their book.

                                                                       Dennis Burmeister     Sascha Lange

I also have the other works about Depeche Mode, but MONUMENT puts it all in the true sense of the word into shade.

Deb Danahay Mann you can see her on the fotograph on the left hand side: Tom: "With you, Deb..." - Deb: "So wish I could have been there!"

                                                                                             Michal Matejcik

Michal Matejcik shows with his brilliant harp arrangement how brilliant the music of Depeche Mode is.

Thank you so much !!

They have inspired me so much. I may produce a remix and in my creativity one metamorphosis retires the other one.

Thank you Ulli Pallemanns for recognizing my activity !!!

Nice surprise ! Thanks a lot: Dennis Burmeister and Sascha Lange !! (And Anne Haffmans and Sven Plaggemeier and Angela L.     a n d    DEPECHE MODE)
You can believe it ...
or not ...


Anni Meeloo, Tom Meeloo, Andi Dufte, Das. Ronny, Mia, Heike Smith & Menace Berlin on the way to Nice...


A great day: Andi Dufte at TM-Studio


                          Andi Dufte, Anni & Tom Meeloo @ Vienna Screening in Berlin (Arena Glashaus)
                          @ Anne Haffmans: Thank you so much !!

                                                               Upstairs at Andi's
Upstairs at Andy's

                                   Tom Meeloo   &          Andy Fletcher


                                                                                                       Tom Meeloo   &       Christian Eigner

                                                    Anni, Christian, Peter, Andy, ...

Thank you, Daniel !
It is worthwhile to buy at him every time:

Much more power with the UAD2-Octo-Card.

Bought the Cubase 7 as an update at Digital AudionetworX. Daniel Engelbrecht sent me a smile.

Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall in Berlin

I have dreamed so many times of a situation I am in in this moment...


Very many thanks to the Fan-Club


Annett, Sandy & Sven,... !

Thank you, Paul Kendall, that you remember... that you forgive me my little mistake, you know.

Tom Meeloo @ the Depeche Mode press conference in Paris:



He approached me

precisely when I came from the toilet. Good that I have washed my hands as usual. Many thanks to Daniel Miller for your open ear and the permission to publish the photo.
I have met Daniel before. It is a crazy story whose circle has closed now. Perhaps I still tell it.


Das Gruppenfoto:           


Foto: Tom Meeloo                                             Tom

Thank you, Anne H. !!!


"25.10.2012 um 16:17 Uhr
Dear all,
it was a great pleasure to meet you in Paris! ... Attached, please find the photo that my friend and photographer Tim Dobrovolny (www.timdobrovolny.de) took of us all which I really like a lot as it shows just happy faces:-) German magazine Electronic Beats, which is running a cover story on Depeche Mode would like to use the photo in their next issue. ... The magazine has a circulation of 70.000..."
"I showed the band the photo as well and they liked it a lot and asked me to send you their kindest regards and thank you for coming all the way out to Paris to support their tour launch.
Best regards,
Anne H.
Mute Germany
Anne H.Labelmanager..."

Geebee want to sing a new song of Tom Meeloo.
I will work on a collaboration with the boy called hedge. His song is called Loveletter.
The rough mix of the DEPECHE MODE song "Only When I Lose Myself" is ready.
He makes me always smile !!!

Auf Deinen Tweet wurde geantwortet!

Tom Meeloo   Tom Meeloo @TomMeeloo 24 Jun
@thecabinstudio Hello Vince, yes, this is a great temple of music and inspiration. So what is the huge dustbin for ?? Best wishes !! Tom

Vince Clarke  
@TomMeeloo It's a Plug-bin V

I have taken out the guitars in favor of the Synths and set the left to the background:



Crashing Satellites
has reached the charts of www.recording.de
          geebee   Thx !!!                  number   11







Vince Clarke @thecabinstudio hat Dir geantwortet:

@TomMeeloo Excellent work. It's always easier to cut off the low frequencies, than to add them..(I think? V)
Als Antwort auf...
@thecabinstudio Hello Vince, this is my try to create a bass. Is it to massiv ? Faithfully Tom

The V... 7 Mix of Crashing satellites is ready. I am touched and moved inwardly.
Many thanks to geebee, kruparsonic, Vince and Gareth !!! Special thanks to Werner Friz, who is the first one believing in that song. It was always on my mind.
You can find Crashing Satellites at recording.de:
Um Crashing satellites, den letzten Schliff zu geben, habe ich den Song auf www.recording.de für ein Feedback eingestellt.
kruparsonic gibt - geebee sieht das genauso - wertvolle Tipps für die Backings, den Bass und die Mitten wie auch den Hinweis auf Synth-Strings, um dem Titel ab 1:37 ein Mehr an Fülle zu geben.

Vince Clarke @thecabinstudio hat Dir geantwortet:

@TomMeeloo The 'high ones'..V
Als Antwort auf...
@thecabinstudio Would you be so kind to me and let me know, which frequences you switch on or cut off, to get that amazing basses ? :-D

The seventh Mix is ready: Crashing satellites.
I am really surprised: 229 Listeners of 500 plays on soundcloud.com between monday and thursday. Most of them come from Germany, USA, UK and Canada.
Because he has given me a RT, it feels like an first award by my teacher in front of the whole class:


Vince Clarke @thecabinstudio hat an 8,445 Follower retweetet:

@thecabinstudio I asked Andy Bell before for a RT. If you like my song, I would like to have a RT from you, too:

Ein Mix von Crashing satellites ist fertig.
Unter Music => Crashing Satellites ist der neue Titel in voller Länge  zu hören:
Vocals: Geebee; Music & Lyrics: Tom Meeloo
The Rob Papen eXplorer has arrived today. It is a couple of great synths !! You can listen to on this page. Rob is a nice guy, helping me, find out, how I come on.
Work in progress, working in flow with the vocals of geebee. It is a great expierence.
What a day, after my girlfriends surprise, the help from Mr. Jones and the uad a amazing Mainvox from Geebee for my song has arrived.
I am happy !!!


Als Antwort auf...
@geniusjones Hello Mr. Jones, would you use the power of your vitamindrink to let me know, what Uad-Plugin you prefer: Studer or Ampex? Thx!

On 11 Feb 2012, at 17:43:
Hello Mr. Jones,
at the hansa studios (a strange hour) my girlfriend took a picture of you and me.
I would like to show it on my homepage www.tommeeloo.de .
May I ?
I wish you a nice evening !
Tom Meeloo

Gareth Jones, Tom Meeloo
Gareth Jones @geniusjones hat Dir geantwortet:     

geniusjones Gareth Jones
@TomMeeloo A wonderful thing
Feb 09, 1:11 AM via Twitter for Mac

Als Antwort auf...
TomMeeloo Tom Meeloo
@geniusjones Hello Mr. Jones, so I decide for the PCIe-Version of the uad-2 quad. Thank you for your tweet !
Feb 08, 9:52 PM via web

Vielen Dank an das Musikhaus


Digital AudionetworX | Gubener Straße 21 | 10243 Berlin | Email: info@da-x.de

Web: www.da-x.de

Tel.: 030 29778619
Tel.: 030 44328539
Tel.: 030 44356608

Twitter: @DAnetworX | Google Plus: Digital AudionetworX | Facebook: Digital AudionetworX

Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr, 10:00-18:00 Uhr

für die persönliche, professionell-kompetente Beratung,
für den Spitzenpreis,
für den Expressversandt, damit ich die Karte so früh wie möglich bekomme, und
für den Sorglos-Support: schnell, einleuchtend  und sehr freundlich.
Große Bühne !!!
Die UAD-2 Quad Card ist eingebaut.
Somit steht noch mehr Rechenpower für die Studio-Plug-Ins bereit. Der Sound wird edler.

WavesRenaissance wurde reanimiert, der Waves Doppler aktiviert.
"So many cues - the film" kann von nun an auf YouTube angeschaut werden. Einfach auf YouTube Tom Meeloo eingeben.
Ich wünsche ein gesundes Jahr 2012 !
Ein Waldorf PPG Wave 3. V lag unter dem Weihnachtsbaum. :-)))
Cubase 6 ist installiert.
Mithilfe der jBridge kann ich auf 64 Bit fahren. Somit wird der Arbeitsspeicher voll ausgenutzt, was zu einer wesentlich stärkeren Performance führt.
A film was born.
In den nächsten Tagen feile ich an vier Texten. Das gehört nicht zu meinen Lieblingsaufgaben.
So many cues steht als kostenloser Download bereit. Klick the link unter Music => "Don´t let me wait".
=> Aktion beendet.
Die Umrüstung auf 64 Bit ist geglückt.
Heute beeindruckten mich der Workshop von Sascha "Busy" Bühren und Henning Verlage.


Sehr lehrreich und das auch noch kostenlos. Nicht genug, es wurde sich sogar für das Erscheinen bedankt. Ich freue mich, an einem Gespräch mit dem Meister und Freunden im Treppenhaus teilgenommen zu haben.

- So many cues:
Der Delay-Effekt bei "...spin 'round" und "...goes down" ist jetzt beidseitig hörbar und soll zugleich rhythmisch belebend wirken.
- So many cues:
Ich stelle den neuesten, synchronisierten Mix unter "Meine Musik" => "Kompositionen".
=> Achtung neue Gliederung !
Einiges an der Automation kann verbessert werden.
Im Schlussteil höre ich noch einen Gesangspart, der nachher eingebaut wird.
Feinheiten fallen mir auf.
- So many cues:
Die Vocals werden nachbearbeitet: Verteilen der Stimmen im Stereopanorama, EQ für die Lead-Vox und Backings anpassen, die Lautstärken anpassen, die Effekte genau einstellen.
Der finale Abschnitt gefällt mir noch nicht.
What I learned from Alan Wilder:
1. Fill up your songs with pads and subbasses.
2. Create sounds.

What I learned from Martin Gore:
1. Do not let yourself blind of the technical possibilities.
2. A song must also purely work with a guitar or with a piano.
My happiest day !!!
His jackett fits to my shirt ...

Martin Gore                           Tom Meeloo

Thank you so much !!!



What I learned from Eddie Kramer:
1. Start the mix with the drums and the bass.
2. Kickdrum is not right, it is called bassdrum. ;-)


In the earlier days.


This was Grandma's and Grandpa's Piano in Dresden Kaditz. I had thousands of ideas, but not a DAW or synths or anyone who could help me.